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 Sorry for being away, I've been fully sucked into LJ lately, but was re-drawn in by a knitting community here that seems to lack stupidity! yay!

My struggle lately has been with motivation. You see I've a lot to do that involves not working on projects at home. Name change stuff mostly, making calls, running around, and none of it is appealing, and I've also got lots of knitting for Christmas to work on, that I can do cuddled under a blanket in my living room while watching a show or a movie... yea which would you pick?

Thanksgiving was lovely, there were 16 of us at my Grandparents ( a small group, for us). Luke and I, with Jenna our room mate, got there first, which was nice, we got to help them get set up, and Gramma got to look at some of my wedding pictures. Mishayla, my younger cousin (she'll be twenty in February, but her family is very traditional and old fashioned, so she seems more like 16) and her Beau Paul. This is her first real Beau I think, and they do the whole 'courting' instead of dating thing, although I think that that may not be Paul's MO, but her family's. 

I've always held that branch of the family at a bit of arms length. The mom (my dad's sister Peggy) and her husband (along with my dad's other sister and her husband) have a much more conservative, traditional view point, almost entirely based on their Faith. But in the other family (Kathy's family) have always manifest this conservatism and tradition with respect, kindness and compassion, I haven't always gotten that from Peggy's family.

In particular I remember one christmas when Mishayla was in her tweens when I was criticized by her for pulling up my stockings in the living room which meant lifting my skirt up to do so. Perhaps not the most lady like move, but I was really offended and have had a hard time. Other little things from that family, comments, looks or LACK of comments have just put me off.

But over the last few years, things have been better. Maybe it's the fact that I got engaged, (rather then living a life of sin with my boyfriend), or maybe they realized they'd been cruel, (being sick I think can do that to folks, make them reevaluate...) or maybe I'm just 'an adult' now ... who knows. Yesterday I had a really, really pleasant time talking with Mishayla, Peggy and her husband (my uncle) Bob. We talked, joked and shared some pictures (Bob was really into some of our honeymoon pictures), it's wonderful for Thanksgiving to include mending and rebuilding of relationships too. 

It's also strange to think that Mishayla is an adult now too, and perhaps moving quickly towards marriage. Both she, and one of my boy cousins is at the 'courting' stage. And there are three others besides who are at the marrying age, though none of them seem close... Lots of weddings, lots of babies (two of my cousins are expecting). Kinda makes me feel a bit left out, although I know that babies would be too much right now. 

It was nice to talk with my grandparents, Sonja and Brian, my parents. My brother Perry came, for the firs time since he turned 18 I think. He tends to avoid big family gathering's lately, I think he feels more judged then I did, he's more sensitive then me. So that was great to see him. 

I forgot my camera, so no pictures, unfortunately. It was however, nice to share my family with someone new (Jenna, our room mate) because all in all, they're pretty awesome. 

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