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Born November 13th, 1916 Samantha Jane Fields
Embraced January 26th, 1946 (29 when embraced)
Now called Raima

Professor father, housewife mother. Spinster aunt and older sister very into occult. Ouija boards etc. Fascinated by this. Spent much time alone. Sister is much older. Eventually a brother-in-law and nephew.

Raised to be successful. Make own choices, marriage or career. Believe in ghosts, faeries, aliens, what have you. Believe what I see and feel, with or without science. Remembers the feeling of summoned ghosts whipping around the drawing room one stormy evening. Decent and proper person, prepared in every way for success. Believes in fairness, getting what one deserves.

Attended a private girls high school/finishing school, then attended Mount Holyoke College from 1935-1939. Family home in Boston, father taught at Tufts. Went on to become a researcher for the US gov't. Did cataloging and recovery of artifacts from the Nazi holds, as well as the research done at Nazi Concentration Camps. Civilian.

Good relationships with colleagues, a few casual beaus here and there, but no close friends. Very career oriented.

Family and employer will miss me, but due to circumstances of disappearance probably not a big investigation or highly publicized details.

While cataloging a Nazi vault of occult writings, books and implements along with stolen artwork of various origins, noticed something different, but didn't think it was dangerous. In that vault is where I discovered and met the vampire who would become my sire. I believed in the occult, but had never even thought that something as outlandish as this dark creature was real. The web of lies and story told to me by my sire, along with his subtle powers of domination painted a picture of knowledge and power without the indication of the high price to pay.
I didn't truly understand what I was facing, or seeing, so I was nervous, but didn't know true fear until the embrace began. Then fear mingled with pleasure, while my body died, and then the reality of what was happening came crashing down. This was actual vampirism, not just pursuit of the power that is in blood. I was moving into something I had no experience with or pool of information to draw from and that was the most terrifying thing.

The hunger following the embrace was nearly unbearable, my former coworkers became my first meal. After that my sire, Clas Alstatt, brought be back to an alcove somewhere, I couldn't tell where, and I found myself with several other vampires.

The status quo of the coterie was ask no questions, and work on your assignment. We were all devoted to the study of this blood magic, Thaumaturgy and the Auspex. My only excursion from our haven was a trip to Vienna to rightfully join the Tremere, I repeated the Traditions, of which my sire had explained to me his interpretation. Now a full fledged member of the clan, we returned post-haste to our Haven. To maintain our strength and increase our abilities as we studied, we would regularly feed from animals, refugees and stragglers of the war, and each month Clas would bring another vampire to us. We would go through a great ritual and one of Clas's own would gain the right to feed off of him, claiming the other vampires essence and strengths as his own. Clas, as our elder, held the right to destroy those that he saw fit, for the greater good. At the time, I did not question this.

Finally my own turn came, and I was filled with a great sense of self, of my own presence, and suddenly I felt Clas's hold over me weakening, by exerting my own dominance, I realized that my blind devotion to Clas and his research was nothing to do with me and everything to do with his powers of persuasion. In the early hours of the evening, I was able to sneak away from the coterie, and make my way into the night. As I distanced myself from Clas, my mind became more my own, and logical questions began to snake into my brain. I made my way to Berlin, in search of others of my kind, only to discover that upon their seeing me, they reacted immediately with violence, anger, distrust and hatred. Not what I expected. It didn't take long to learn that the consumption of another vampire to the point of his destruction is so heinous a crime as to be unforgivable.

I returned to the location of my sire's coterie, only to discover that since my defection, he had moved to another location. I swore that I would seek vengeance on the man who manipulated me out of my life and into an unlife, only to block me from ever achieving anything in death either.

I knew I had to leave immediately before word of who exactly this diablerist was made it back to the Tremere elders. I discovered that what had seemed a matter of months sequestered away with my sire and his cult had actually been several years, we were now well into the 1950s. I secured passage back to the United States, and fearing to remain on the Eastern Seaboard because of my family, headed west. I can only hope that those who saw my crime in Berlin, don't know enough of me to connect me with my identity, or else I'll have all of the Tremere clan coming down around me.

I spent the next forty or fifty years moving from town to town following instances of occult sightings, places of power, or like minded vampires who either couldn't tell my secret, or could look past it. I've used many assumed names, over the years, and taken many identities. Most recently I find myself in Bay City, Oregon (circa 2000?). Drawn by a [Nosferatu] who [says he can help me and has this cool stuff I want to see]. I joined him in his Haven, there were also [Luke's character] and [Sarah's Character]. Initially we kept to ourselves, but [bond over being diablerists], [bond over being mistrusted by general Camarilla]. Series of trial and error convince us that we can trust one another. [Or something].

I feed on people who wander off, dark libraries, [Sarah's character]' bar. I can generally get them to come to me, to want me. I nearly never kill. Trying to improve the vampire and human condition, in general. Study, penance, redemption, in the eyes of humans probably never, in the eyes of other Cainites? Perhaps.

Motivators: Search for knowledge/power, Vengeance on sire, redemption and/or penance.

Nature:Survivor - No matter what happens no matter the odds or opposition the survivor always manages to pull through, whether alone or with a group, the survivors utter refusal to accept defeat often makes the difference between success and failure. Survivors are frustrated by others' acceptance of of what fate has in store. Or willingness to withstand less then what they can achieve outcasts, street folk and ideallists may well be survivor archetypes. Regain 1 pt of willpower whenever you survive a threatening situation through tenacity or when another persists in spite of opposition due to your counsel.

Demeanor:Pedagogue - The pedagogue knows it alland desperately wants to inform other, whether through a sense of purpose or a genuine desire to help others the pedagogue makes sure his message is heard, at length if necessary. they range from well meaning mentors to robust blow hard who love to hear themselves talk. Instructors, the over educated and veterans of the field are all examples of the pedagogue archetype. Regain 1 pt of willpower whenever you see or learn of someone who has benefited from the wisdom you['ve shared with them.

Character Sheet

The sheet doesn't reflect additional experience for the years 'played' since becoming a vampire.

The backstory doesn't reflect information that is not yet received from either other players or the Storyteller.

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