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The Earth is full. Human population growth has accelerated the space exploration programs, and in the past 50 years, several planets have been identified in neighboring star systems that harbor a potential for that unattainable goal of space colonialism. A forward crew of scientists, engineers, city planners and sociologists have been assigned to scout the planets, hoping to bring back good news, that man can spread it's fingers into other systems. Initial contact on the first planet, Hera, seems nearly too good to be true, lush vegetation, an appropriate atmosphere, no apparent intelligent life... Things take a turn for the dangerous when communications stop coming from Earth, and the promised ship of relief and supplies fails to show up. Our forward crew of scientists may just have become unexpected settlers themselves.

Dr. Elizabeth McBride (Olivia Williams)

Dr. McBride is the medical doctor for the expedition. Her original job was to ensure that there were no unexpected pathogens or other threats to human health on Hera. Her history is in infectious diseases, and she has spent the last decade addressing various pandemics on Earth and is considered one of the experts. She actively sought the assignment on the Mary Rose not only because of it's unique opportunity to study new diseases, but also for more personal reasons. Elizabeth leaves behind on Earth a man who wanted to marry her. She'll say nothing more about why that promise fell through.

Captain James "Jimmie" Leonard (David Thewlis)

James "Jimmie" Leonard is Captain of the Mary Rose, science and exploration ship surveying several planets in neighboring star systems, hoping to find a location for Earths first colony. He has a vested interest in finding this new planet, like most long haul captains, his family lives on bored, a luxury made especially sweet by his son's acute asthma, exacerbated by the decaying environment on Earth. Jimmie is a no nonsense type of Captain with a dry sense of humor. He's intensely private, highly professional, but takes his role as caretaker of the ship and it's inhabitants very seriously.

Carla Bettino (Maggie Gyllenhaal)

Carla is an inventive and ingenious young engineer. She's a thrill seeker, a work hard party hard type of woman. She found success everywhere she turned on Earth and the idea of being the 'first' in the stars was more then she could pass up. She's there to work with geologists, architects and others to identify ideal locations to build settlements. Faced with life as a settler, once they reach Hera, rather then as the celebrated engineer she had envisioned, Carla is torn between frustration with loosing her big chance to make the history books, and excitement of being the first in a way she had never imagined.

Maahir Bhati (Rumpinder Nagra)

Maahir is an urban planner and a city boy. He grew up in Dubai, and was instrumental in the reorganization that has recently shaped Dubai into a model city devoid of the slums and ruins that had characterized it since the 20th Century. His success put him at the top of his business, consulting all over the world. He was highly sought after for the planning survey, governments and corporations alike have an interest in creating a colony to match the propaganda and expectations. Maahir is into his comforts and luxuries, but the survey job was an offer he couldn't refuse. Living on the spaceship was adjustment enough for him, he certainly has no aspirations of actually becoming a colonist.

Dr. Sharon Goldman (David Krumholtz)

Dr. Goldman was part of the recent biological survey of our own solar system. He's a seasoned space traveller, and intensely invested in studying alien biology. The discovery of Hera, Hestia and Demeter came as the culmination of hopes and dreams for him from his childhood. He has been prepping for this survey since the call came, and he is not only preparing the biological portion of the survey, but has several pet projects of his own that he anticipates might turn into ground breaking reports. His excitement and anticipation is tempered with his professional attitude and experienced demeanor, but inside, he's a kid headed to the candy store of his dreams.


[Options A & D]
(So... after I had this all designed and worked out, my husband discovered 'Earth 2', an old single season show from the 90s that is... basically my story. Guess there really is nothing new.)
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Born November 13th, 1916 Samantha Jane Fields
Embraced January 26th, 1946 (29 when embraced)
Now called Raima

Professor father, housewife mother. Spinster aunt and older sister very into occult. Ouija boards etc. Fascinated by this. Spent much time alone. Sister is much older. Eventually a brother-in-law and nephew.

Raised to be successful. Make own choices, marriage or career. Believe in ghosts, faeries, aliens, what have you. Believe what I see and feel, with or without science. Remembers the feeling of summoned ghosts whipping around the drawing room one stormy evening. Decent and proper person, prepared in every way for success. Believes in fairness, getting what one deserves.

Attended a private girls high school/finishing school, then attended Mount Holyoke College from 1935-1939. Family home in Boston, father taught at Tufts. Went on to become a researcher for the US gov't. Did cataloging and recovery of artifacts from the Nazi holds, as well as the research done at Nazi Concentration Camps. Civilian.

Good relationships with colleagues, a few casual beaus here and there, but no close friends. Very career oriented.

Family and employer will miss me, but due to circumstances of disappearance probably not a big investigation or highly publicized details.

While cataloging a Nazi vault of occult writings, books and implements along with stolen artwork of various origins, noticed something different, but didn't think it was dangerous. In that vault is where I discovered and met the vampire who would become my sire. I believed in the occult, but had never even thought that something as outlandish as this dark creature was real. The web of lies and story told to me by my sire, along with his subtle powers of domination painted a picture of knowledge and power without the indication of the high price to pay.
I didn't truly understand what I was facing, or seeing, so I was nervous, but didn't know true fear until the embrace began. Then fear mingled with pleasure, while my body died, and then the reality of what was happening came crashing down. This was actual vampirism, not just pursuit of the power that is in blood. I was moving into something I had no experience with or pool of information to draw from and that was the most terrifying thing.

The hunger following the embrace was nearly unbearable, my former coworkers became my first meal. After that my sire, Clas Alstatt, brought be back to an alcove somewhere, I couldn't tell where, and I found myself with several other vampires.

The status quo of the coterie was ask no questions, and work on your assignment. We were all devoted to the study of this blood magic, Thaumaturgy and the Auspex. My only excursion from our haven was a trip to Vienna to rightfully join the Tremere, I repeated the Traditions, of which my sire had explained to me his interpretation. Now a full fledged member of the clan, we returned post-haste to our Haven. To maintain our strength and increase our abilities as we studied, we would regularly feed from animals, refugees and stragglers of the war, and each month Clas would bring another vampire to us. We would go through a great ritual and one of Clas's own would gain the right to feed off of him, claiming the other vampires essence and strengths as his own. Clas, as our elder, held the right to destroy those that he saw fit, for the greater good. At the time, I did not question this.

Finally my own turn came, and I was filled with a great sense of self, of my own presence, and suddenly I felt Clas's hold over me weakening, by exerting my own dominance, I realized that my blind devotion to Clas and his research was nothing to do with me and everything to do with his powers of persuasion. In the early hours of the evening, I was able to sneak away from the coterie, and make my way into the night. As I distanced myself from Clas, my mind became more my own, and logical questions began to snake into my brain. I made my way to Berlin, in search of others of my kind, only to discover that upon their seeing me, they reacted immediately with violence, anger, distrust and hatred. Not what I expected. It didn't take long to learn that the consumption of another vampire to the point of his destruction is so heinous a crime as to be unforgivable.

I returned to the location of my sire's coterie, only to discover that since my defection, he had moved to another location. I swore that I would seek vengeance on the man who manipulated me out of my life and into an unlife, only to block me from ever achieving anything in death either.

I knew I had to leave immediately before word of who exactly this diablerist was made it back to the Tremere elders. I discovered that what had seemed a matter of months sequestered away with my sire and his cult had actually been several years, we were now well into the 1950s. I secured passage back to the United States, and fearing to remain on the Eastern Seaboard because of my family, headed west. I can only hope that those who saw my crime in Berlin, don't know enough of me to connect me with my identity, or else I'll have all of the Tremere clan coming down around me.

I spent the next forty or fifty years moving from town to town following instances of occult sightings, places of power, or like minded vampires who either couldn't tell my secret, or could look past it. I've used many assumed names, over the years, and taken many identities. Most recently I find myself in Bay City, Oregon (circa 2000?). Drawn by a [Nosferatu] who [says he can help me and has this cool stuff I want to see]. I joined him in his Haven, there were also [Luke's character] and [Sarah's Character]. Initially we kept to ourselves, but [bond over being diablerists], [bond over being mistrusted by general Camarilla]. Series of trial and error convince us that we can trust one another. [Or something].

I feed on people who wander off, dark libraries, [Sarah's character]' bar. I can generally get them to come to me, to want me. I nearly never kill. Trying to improve the vampire and human condition, in general. Study, penance, redemption, in the eyes of humans probably never, in the eyes of other Cainites? Perhaps.

Motivators: Search for knowledge/power, Vengeance on sire, redemption and/or penance.

Nature:Survivor - No matter what happens no matter the odds or opposition the survivor always manages to pull through, whether alone or with a group, the survivors utter refusal to accept defeat often makes the difference between success and failure. Survivors are frustrated by others' acceptance of of what fate has in store. Or willingness to withstand less then what they can achieve outcasts, street folk and ideallists may well be survivor archetypes. Regain 1 pt of willpower whenever you survive a threatening situation through tenacity or when another persists in spite of opposition due to your counsel.

Demeanor:Pedagogue - The pedagogue knows it alland desperately wants to inform other, whether through a sense of purpose or a genuine desire to help others the pedagogue makes sure his message is heard, at length if necessary. they range from well meaning mentors to robust blow hard who love to hear themselves talk. Instructors, the over educated and veterans of the field are all examples of the pedagogue archetype. Regain 1 pt of willpower whenever you see or learn of someone who has benefited from the wisdom you['ve shared with them.

Character Sheet

The sheet doesn't reflect additional experience for the years 'played' since becoming a vampire.

The backstory doesn't reflect information that is not yet received from either other players or the Storyteller.

Character Sheet ID #8269
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 Sorry for being away, I've been fully sucked into LJ lately, but was re-drawn in by a knitting community here that seems to lack stupidity! yay!

My struggle lately has been with motivation. You see I've a lot to do that involves not working on projects at home. Name change stuff mostly, making calls, running around, and none of it is appealing, and I've also got lots of knitting for Christmas to work on, that I can do cuddled under a blanket in my living room while watching a show or a movie... yea which would you pick?

Thanksgiving was lovely, there were 16 of us at my Grandparents ( a small group, for us). Luke and I, with Jenna our room mate, got there first, which was nice, we got to help them get set up, and Gramma got to look at some of my wedding pictures. Mishayla, my younger cousin (she'll be twenty in February, but her family is very traditional and old fashioned, so she seems more like 16) and her Beau Paul. This is her first real Beau I think, and they do the whole 'courting' instead of dating thing, although I think that that may not be Paul's MO, but her family's. 

I've always held that branch of the family at a bit of arms length. The mom (my dad's sister Peggy) and her husband (along with my dad's other sister and her husband) have a much more conservative, traditional view point, almost entirely based on their Faith. But in the other family (Kathy's family) have always manifest this conservatism and tradition with respect, kindness and compassion, I haven't always gotten that from Peggy's family.

In particular I remember one christmas when Mishayla was in her tweens when I was criticized by her for pulling up my stockings in the living room which meant lifting my skirt up to do so. Perhaps not the most lady like move, but I was really offended and have had a hard time. Other little things from that family, comments, looks or LACK of comments have just put me off.

But over the last few years, things have been better. Maybe it's the fact that I got engaged, (rather then living a life of sin with my boyfriend), or maybe they realized they'd been cruel, (being sick I think can do that to folks, make them reevaluate...) or maybe I'm just 'an adult' now ... who knows. Yesterday I had a really, really pleasant time talking with Mishayla, Peggy and her husband (my uncle) Bob. We talked, joked and shared some pictures (Bob was really into some of our honeymoon pictures), it's wonderful for Thanksgiving to include mending and rebuilding of relationships too. 

It's also strange to think that Mishayla is an adult now too, and perhaps moving quickly towards marriage. Both she, and one of my boy cousins is at the 'courting' stage. And there are three others besides who are at the marrying age, though none of them seem close... Lots of weddings, lots of babies (two of my cousins are expecting). Kinda makes me feel a bit left out, although I know that babies would be too much right now. 

It was nice to talk with my grandparents, Sonja and Brian, my parents. My brother Perry came, for the firs time since he turned 18 I think. He tends to avoid big family gathering's lately, I think he feels more judged then I did, he's more sensitive then me. So that was great to see him. 

I forgot my camera, so no pictures, unfortunately. It was however, nice to share my family with someone new (Jenna, our room mate) because all in all, they're pretty awesome. 

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I recevied this letter/guide from the SCA Scribes and Illumination list. It's from a judge of the Kingdom of Atenveldt's recent Arts and Sciences Championship. There are some interkingdom cultural differences at play here that make things a little different, but either way it's a good start, and as I intend to enter in Baronial A&S again this year, I want to keep this guide handy, and make it available for others.
I had the pleasure of being a judge again at this year's Kingdom Arts &
Sciences (A&S) Competition this past weekend. I have been a judge and judges
instructor for over 8 years.

The one thing that frustrated several of the judges was the lack of
information in some of the documentation I was given. To alleviate that
frustration (on both the judging and entrant sides), I have some information
about why it is important to include more information, and what I, as a
judge, am looking for. (Note: not all judges have this same criteria. I find
as a general rule, this format and information will get you really far with
MOST judges.)

*Documentation is the entrants voice and representative to the judges.* It
is the only thing that tells us about your knowledge of that piece and the
background and history of that art. Some judges frustration came when they
had to judge several items that had less than 1/2 a page of typed
documentation, including title page, pictures, and bibliographies. There
honestly wasn't enough information there to inform the judges about the
entrant's knowledge of historic pieces or of that specific piece, and thus
made it difficult to judge those pieces.

HE Mistress Ianuk Raventhourne, our brand new Kingdom A&S Champion, gives a
wonderful class on documentation. If you can't get to her class, please
consider this email as a resource for how to write documentation.

As a judge, I am looking for information, input, and knowledge about the art
form in general and on that specific piece. I look for an introduction
(briefly tell me what you're going to tell me - 3 sentences), the "5 Ws"
(answer all of my questions about that art and that piece - in paragraph
form, not list form), and a conclusion (briefly tell me what you told me - 3
sentences). I also lok for if the item is within SCA Period (600-1600 AD)
and if it is European, or could have potentially been in Europe at the time
through trade.

*The "5 Ws" I look for are a little bit expanded:*

What is the item? (be specific, show pictures of historic pieces)
What was it used for in SCA Period?
What is it used for in today's SCA?

When is the historic example(s) from? (be very specific about dates, and
don't guess)
When was this item made?

Where was the historic item made? (continent, country, county, city; the
more specific you can be the better)
Where was this item made? (this is not a necessary thing in the
documentation, but it can sometimes be interesting)
If this item is not European, please tell why and how it would have been
found in Europe at the time (600-1600 AD).

Who made this item in SCA Period?
Who would make this item in today's SCA? (not the specific artist, but a
group of people; ex: the scribes make scrolls)
Who used this item in SCA Period?
Who would use this item in today's SCA?
If it can be used in the "Modern World", who would use it?

How was the historic item made? (include the tools and materials used to
make it; ex: craftsmen of the time would have used a purple widget to
tighten the green do-hickey)
How was this item made? (include the tools and materials used to make it,
ex: I used the blue thing-a-ma-bob to tighten the green do-hickey as the
purple widget is no longer available.)
If you used modern materials and tools, please tell us why.
If you hand made your tools and materials, include that.
If you purchased any tools and materials, and that was historically done for
such an item, tell us that, too. (ex: I purchased my vellum, as the
craftsmen historically did, as I live in a city and didn't want to smell up
the neighborhood and make my neighbors mad.)

Why was this made in SCA Period?
Why was this item made? (ex: I made this for my friend so they could hang it
on their wall.)

Does this piece do exactly what it's meant to?
Does it look, sound, feel, taste, smell like it's supposed to?
Does it function correctly?

*What did I Learn:*
What did I learn about this piece?
What did I learn about this process?
What did I learn _________?

*Note: What, When, Where, Why, and Who can all be quickly and easily put
into one paragraph. How can be one to two paragraphs (Historic How and
Modern How). Does & What did I Learn can be one to two paragraphs. *With an
introduction and a conclusion, there's your 5 paragraphs, and your
documentation. If you include all of this, it will be at least 2 pages long,
with no problem. (Per the Competition Rules, it should be no longer than 7
pages. See below for the specifics.)

Please type, do not hand write, the documentation. Use a familiar font, such
as Times New Roman. Yes, it's a bit boring, but is can easily be read. The
judges read all day, and eyes do get tired.

Use English as your language for documentation. Do not speak "forsooth" in
your documentation. Do not enter your documentation in a foreign language,
not everyone reads/speaks a foreign language. It's sometimes difficult
enough to read and comprehend someone else's English. Use very plain
English, and state things clearly.

*Use ONE reference style throughout your documentation.*
(APA & MLA are suggested in the Kingdom A&S Competition Rules, see below for
rules on documentation. Both of these styles can easily be found on-line.)
APA Style Link:
MLA Style Link:

*The easier your documentation is to read and the more questions it answers,
the better your score will be.*

*When you are finished writing your documentation, then you should add the
1) A Cover Page - Title of the Piece, Country of Origin, From (insert
specific date here)
2) Pictures/Scans of the original piece(s) you took your inspiration from
3) Pictures/Scans of the piece you made in process and completed (you can
put these in a Appendix, or put them into the body of the documentation)
4) An Appendix and End Notes (if necessary, depending on the style you
choose to write with)
5) Bibliography. As for the Bibliography, know your sources. Label which
sources are primary and secondary. Know which ones are primary and secondary
sources. (ex: A Book of Hours that you look at and take the calligraphy hand
directly out of is a primary source. A modern book about calligraphy that
references that Book of Hours is a secondary source. People are not source!)

The judging sheets are available on-line. *When I do my documentation, I
look at 3 things.* If there's anything on any of these 3 sources that I
didn't cover, I go back and put it in somewhere where it flows nicely.
1) My list of "5 Ws"
2) The judging sheet(s) for my category(s)
3) The Kingdom A&S Competition Rules (every judge knows what this section
says, and yes, we do ding a point for not having enough copies of the
documentation, it's just that specific)

*This is the documentation section directly from the KMOAS web page:*
Direct Link:

*9. Each entry must be accompanied by documentation*.
a. Lack of documentation will result in disqualification of an entry.
b. Documentation must be provided in a written format. If handwritten,
documentation must
be legible. [NOTE: We recommend that documentation should be typed in
12-point font
size (no less than 10-pt) in an easily readable font.]
c. Entrants must author their own documentation.
d. Entrants must provide four (4) copies of documentation with each entry
(i.e., one for each
judge to read and mark upon for reference and one for populace access).
e. Documentation may not exceed Seven (7) written pages in length, not
bibliography or illustrations. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of
the KMOAS.
Entrants will submit the written request 30-days before the competition with
f. While other materials and references may be displayed for interest, they
may not be used
as a substitute for documentation. Documentation must not require the judges
to reference
Atenveldt Kingdom A&S Competition Rules 2010 Page 3
a book or any other associated materials (e.g., an entrant may not state,
"Please see pages
54-75 in book A.").
g. Documentation must include:
i. Information relating to the entry’s pre-17th century authenticity and its
use during
that time frame
ii. A general description of the entry, methods of construction and/or
production, and
materials/tools/techniques used to produce the entry [SUGGESTION: Artisans
should preview the judging sheets for each Category or Subcategory they plan
enter and approach the documentation accordingly.]
iii. A reference list and/or footnotes/endnotes indicating source(s)
(references) as
needed. [RECOMMENDATION: Use either American Psychology (APA) or
Modern Language Association (MLA) as a format for documentation to make it
easier to read and reference]
h. All documentation must have the entrant number and the associated entry
number placed
on the first page at time of registration at the Competition. [NOTE: This is
handled by the
KMOAS competition staff during on-site registration.]

*Last but not least, remember the judges are rooting for you! *We want you
to knock our socks off! We want to know what you know. We want your
documentation to tell us what we need to know about that specific art and
your specific piece. We want you to tell why this piece is impressive (with
out using those specific words). If a judge puts their contact info at the
bottom of a judges sheet, feel free to call or email that judge with
questions of your own. Open a dialogue, we are artists or people who
appreciate art, and we love to have an open, honest, friendly, helpful
discussion about art.

I look forward to seeing what I can learn from the entries I judge every
year, as I already do for next year!

I hope this helps in your quest to enter any A&S Competition.

I encourage everyone to enter at least one item at least once to have that

Rooting for you,
Dame Hrefna karsefni, OP
(Kingdom of Atenveldt)

P.S.: Please feel free to forward this email.
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 1. Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?
I read quickly and so I find trying to juggle a snack and a book to be a challenge, but snacks of choice would be chips and salsa, or popcorn. 

2. What is your favorite drink while reading?
Hm. It's easy for me to forget about a drink while reading, so while a hot drink like coffee, tea or hot chocolate sounds lovely, I would often get half way through the drink only to discover that I'd let my drink get cold. 

3. Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?
With non-fiction, or books that incite a reaction in me I'm likely to make little notes, usually I don't want to stop long enough to do that. I'm not the type of person who keeps track of quotes while I read, though I like that others do this. 

4. How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ear? Laying the book flat open?
I try to use bookmarks, I like fancy fun ones, although if they're too think, they fall out, which annoys me. I also don't like the ones that are little clips that go at the top of the book because they always end up ripping pages and don't stay anyways. Simple paper or strings appeal to me. I wish I had more of those book thong beaded bookmarks! Hm... that might be a good Christmas present idea to make...

5. Fiction, Non-Fiction, or Both?
Both, I'm trying to read more non-fiction. A balance between fantasy/horror (like werewolves and vampires etc.), education and relationship and medieval and history. 
6. Are you a person who tends to read to the end of a chapter, or can you stop anywhere?
I CAN stop anywhere, like if I'm on the bus and it's my stop or something, but when I choose where to stop, I prefer to stop at the end of a chapter, and if for some reason I don't do this, it irritates me because I have to search for a couple of minute sto find my place.

7. Are you a person to throw a book across the room or on the floor if the author irritates you?
No, not really. I'm more likely to throw a book at a person if the person irritates me. I've only ever read one book that bugged me so much I had to stop reading it. And I just took it back to the library. 

8. If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop and look it up right away?
I'm usually able to infer the meaning of a word from the context. If I can't figure it out, and it's necessary to know what's going on, I'll look it up. But that doesn't happen very often. 

9. What are you currently reading?
Mating in Captivity (although this one's on the back burner)
Watching the English
Living Dead in Dallas

10. What is the last book you bought?
Watching the English, for an excruciatingly high price at the Frankfurt airport!

11. Are you a person that reads one book at a time, or can you read more than one?
I used to always have several books going at once, and when I was in school, I read school books and for fun  books, but I find that now, I prefer to focus on one book at a time rather then alternate between them.

12. Do you have a favorite time/place to read?
My little mini-vacation to myself is to go to a trendy type coffeehouse, order a latte and a scone and read until I get bored. It's very relaxin and recharging for me. 

13. Do you prefer series books or stand-alones?
Depends. Sometimes I read a book and wish I could read more about the characters, but it's a standalone, so I can't. Other times I read a few books in a series and I'm sort of done with it, but I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS so I have to keep reading. This happened with Sword of Truth, which I still haven't finished...sigh. 

14. Is there a specific book or author you find yourself recommending over and over?
I've always been a big recommender of Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder.  And the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

15. How do you organize your books? By genre, title, author's last name, etc?
We have more books then we have space for right now, but when we have the space (when we no longer need a room mate and can fill a room with books) they will be organized by Dewey Decimal. 


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 Andrew (MKA LUKE MY HUSBAND!) got his GOUTTE this weekends. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM. He really deserved it, has for a while if you ask me, but even better, I can honestly say that I didn't write the recommendation for him to receive it, so he also knows that OTHER people notice all his work, which is good, because sometimes he needs reminding about his awesome-ness, and the timing could not be better what with his trials coming up this next weekend, and SQUEE!

[For those who aren't SCAdians, what I'm referring to is the 
Goutte de Sang, an award given by the Kingdom of An Tir (our SCA Kingdom) to individuals who have given substantial service to the Kingdom. It's a 'grant' level award, which is the middle tier in the three tears of Kingdom level awards, the first being the Award of Arms, which is given for going above and beyond the basics of participation, the Grant of Arms, and finally the Patent of Arms, or the peerages which is the highest level of recognition one can receive (mostly). ]
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I got an alert from gmail this morning that said that my account may have been hacked/accessed from South Korea. Their evidence was when they listed my recent log-ins, one of the ip addresses that "I" had logged in from was a S.Korean ip address. It happened March 25th, I was in Seattle on the 25th, and mostly not accessing my computer, although I did some that morning. But after the morning of the 25th I didn't touch it for 3 days except with my phone.

Nothing seemed amiss, but I changed my password anyways.

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Trying out dreamwidth, I've heard a lot of good things. Don't have a ton of time to explore just yet, but ... hi everyone!


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